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Desiccant capsules for all kinds of applications.

Desiccant Capsules

More than 50 years ago, the packaging of medical products and food supplements was revolutionized by a Sanner invention: the desiccant capsule.

Today, this desiccant capsules are available in a variety of designs and sizes along with various additional functions – and the desiccant capsule still represents one of our most important products. Flip-top closures, desiccant capsules with spacers or tamper evidence as well as child-resistant closures and screw caps are the result of continuous refinement of our product range.

Read more about how you can protect capsules and tablets, including effervescent and coated ones, by using our latest packaging solutions.


Desiccant closures

Desiccant closures have to meet several requirements: firstly, to protect the product from moisture, and second, to ensure consumer safety. Desiccant closures manufactured by Sanner already include the desiccant within the closure. This ensures optimum moisture protection for the packaging contents.

Desiccant capsules

Part of the Sanner product range also includes desiccant capsules that are added directly when bottling the product. Desiccant capsules feature the same adsorption characteristics as desiccant closures but must remain within the package after opening to be effective.

Flip-top closures

Packaging featuring a cap and hinge closure permits single-hand operation, i.e. they can easily be opened and closed using one hand only. Their user-friendly design makes flip-top closures the ideal solution for test strip packaging.

Closures containing spacers

Protection of packaged products during transport is of special importance. Bellows or spiral transport locks provide protection for your product from damage.  Belows and spiral closures are also suitable for tablet bottles.


Child-resistant closures

Child safety first: Sanner offers tablet and effervescent tablet closures with special innovative and effective child-proof features.

Screw tops

Just one turn back and then forward to open and then tightly close the packaging.

Tamper Evidence

Many packaging systems provide integrated tamper evidence to ensure consumer safety and prevent the package from being tampered with.

The range of Sanner closures is complemented by various options for plastic and aluminium tubes.

It is also possible to order closures that do not contain desiccants.